We are able to supply thick, low density
    Polyethylene Biohazard Disposal Bags to seal
    and control the spread of medical or
    biological waste. Being autoclavable, they are
    effective for the disposal of biohazardous
    materials. Our bags are opaque and red in
    colour. However, our manufactures can
    supply other specified colours.

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Distributors of Quality Flexible Plastic Packaging

Indicate is able supply products ranging from LD, LLD, HDPE, Recycled, Foil, Co Extruded, Laminated, Bio Degradable and blends.

Our large volume, bespoke flexible packaging for the industrial, agricultural or food industries includes a comprehensive range of bags, sheeting and tubing.

Printing is available in up to 8 colours.

Our products are available in various sizes and microns.

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Our products are available in various sizes and microns. Manufactured to client specifications.

Heavy Duty Refuse bags

100% Recycled
Bag size: 750 x 950 x 30 mic
Quantity: 20 bags on a roll
10 rolls in a bale
200 bags per bale
Colour: black or smokey

Trolley Bin Liners

100% Recycled
Bag size: 700 + 600 x 1300 x 25 mic
Packed in 10 bags in a packet
20 packets in a bale
Colour: black or smokey

Bio Recycled Carrier Bags

Various sizes and colours
Now available on request

Ice Bags

Printed or plain
Available in various sizes

Carrier Bags

Virgin HD or recycled
Plain or Printed (up to 4 colours)

Plastic Sheeting, Tubing & Bulk Bags

For LD / LLD
Recycled, HD

Plain Flat Bags

Plain or Printed
Puched out handles
Punched holes
All at various microns

Clear HD Bag on Roll

Plain LD
All at various microns

Clear HD Bags

Plain LD
All at various microns

Disposal Bags for Hazardous Waste

Thick, low-density Polyethylene Biohazard Disposal Bags


Indicate Brand Managers has built a reputation for excellence through our reliable service and consistently meeting our customers standards in the delivery of top quality flexible plastic packaging.

  • With 35 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of flexible plastic industry, Robbie Pasteris's in-depth knowledge of production means he is able to advise on the right product or product combinations for our customer's specific requirement - allowing for the correct use of materials to obtain optimum strength and quality.

  • His has a hands-on, hardworking and passionate approach to ensuring excellence in all our products.

  • Our range of bags varies from straight plain 20mic LD /LLD/HD bags to more technical bags with various cut out, patch handles, large bulk bags, sheeting and tubing for the Agricultural sector.

  • We supply printed or plain plastic and metalised bags for food packaging including (printing is available in up to 8 colours)

  • A large portion of our products are produced using 100% recycled material. Our refuse bags range from virgin material to 100% recycled with printing available as an option

  • We are able to supply Biohazard Disposal Bags for the effective disposal of medical waste materials.

  • We are now able to offer Bio Recycled Carrier Bags as part of our range

  • Our valuable, longstanding relationships with reliable and specialised manufacturers means Indicate is in a fortunate position to be able to source a variety of products for specific industry requirements and distribute nationally

  • Our manufactures comply with all major global processing and quality standards and government regulations and specifications

  • Our consistence service promise to our clients is based on best practice standards, consistent, non-negotiable quality, superior standards and excellent service delivery.