Your home office is also part of how your customers experience your Brand

Post by: Paola Pasteris, 16 Aug 2021

Your environment is an important element of your Brand personality. Making the right first impression when you invite someone into your office – be it at home or in an office park – can be done as easily with your surroundings as with the corporate collateral you have.

Small things make a huge difference. Is your office neat or cluttered with "stuff". This can give the impression of being disorganised and make your customer uncomfortable.

Is your brand reflected in your choice and style of furniture? Contemporary or old?  Does your colour scheme compliment your corporate image? Is the office space a true reflection of your brand identityand personality.

Let me help you reorganise, declutter, clean up your old furniture with a coat of paint, reupholster those chairs and let your customers experience your brand personality as they enter the room – with no words needed.


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